Another way to find experts

Find companies to interview for your articles in a few clicks and start talking to them via a dedicated messaging system. A unique meeting place to rethink together the way we approach press relations.

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A platform for journalists

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Save time on your research

Quickly find experts to interview for your articles, even the most specialized ones. Discover new companies with unique know-how.

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Your details remain confidential

We do not share your contact details with companies, you can only exchange information via the dedicated messaging system.

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Together let's say STOP to SPAMS!

You can close your "draft article" at any time. The experts will then no longer be able to contact you via the platform.

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A simple and intuitive platform

Post your article topic in a few clicks and start discussing it online with the experts registered on the PressValue platform.

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Several topics at the same time

You can post as many projects as you like simultaneously. Short-term and long-term projects to meet your deadlines.

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Another way to talk to each other

The platform tries to educate companies in their approach to press relations. With PressValue, you are only contacted by companies when relevant.